4 Reasons Why Living in the Cloud is EcoFriendly

These days, most of us use the cloud. If you are an iPhone user, then you are probably familiar with sharing your photos to the cloud or setting up a completely new phone with information that you had stored in the cloud. Businesses can also take advantage of the cloud. Recently, Hewlett Packard released an updated CloudSystem that will help businesses with new solutions and services. The CloudSystem is HP’s flagship architecture for building private and public clouds. I think this is a great eco-friendly business move. There are four reasons that living in the cloud is eco-friendly and I’m going to share them with you today.

HP Cloud System

Less Paper Used

When you take advantage of cloud based services, you eliminate the need for tons of paper. Less paper used means more little trees that get to grow into big tress, thus cleaning the air and releasing healthy oxygen for us to breathe.

Imagine how great this will be for businesses when a 75 page contract can be sent through the cloud instead of in the mail! One signature on the signature page and back it goes. Or, a digital contract can be signed with a digital signature. The US government has declared that online signatures are just as binding as ink written signatures.

More Time Saved

Using the cloud can save businesses a lot of time. Any revisions that need to happen can easily be taken care of with a quick email or shared file. If weather shuts down major roads, it can be business as usual. There’s no need to stop the world from spinning just because the weather is bad. Remote log in options and file sharing can help make business more efficient.

Less Energy Used

Printers, scanners and faxes are a drain to electricity. Most computer systems are optimized to run on as little power as necessary. Because you have moved your business to the cloud, you can take advantage of lower electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Let’s all work together to make tomorrow a better day by reducing the energy that we use. A cloud based business still gets the job done and leaves a healthier planet.

Peace of Mind

And finally, living in the cloud can give you peace of mind. For all of the reasons above and more. When you have more time, use less energy and save money on paper, you can be more relaxed. Not only will you feel more relaxed, you will not have to worry about security of your documents in the cloud with HP. The company revealed that it is expanding its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) offering. The VPC offering gives businesses the the security and control of a private cloud solution in an economic fashion.

Business can be fun if you make it a point to use a cloud based system.

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