Emerging Designers to Participate at the Sponsor Me Awards Eco Fashion Designer 2013

Witness the new fashion style with an eco twist 

If PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members undress themselves to help save the environment, the people behind Sponsor Me Awards do the exact opposite. While the former take off their clothes to save the environment, the latter dress people with the most stylish attires made out of eco-friendly materials. These two groups may be different in their ways to express themselves but they are on the same level when it comes to the efforts in battling animal abuse. For this year, the Sponsor Me Awards has stepped up its efforts to promote green living through an Eco fashion award show.

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On August 27, the fashion industry’s fastest rising designers will gather at the London’s Congress Center for the Sponsor Me Awards Eco Fashion Designer 2013. The event is expected to attract more than 450 people that include veteran designers, brand owners, fashion press people, and environmental advocates.

The Sponsor Me Awards Eco Fashion Designer 2013 will be hosted by BBC Radio One presenter Gemma Cairney and will feature eco-ethical fashion website Style With Heart founder Gillian Osrin as the judge of the contest. Winners will get the chance to dress a well-known celebrity for a prominent gathering and see their creations sold online through Style With Heart.

According to Sponsor Me Awards director Sommer Currie, the show was created to “act as a progressive funding platform for emerging designers.”

“Our aim is to tap into a pre-existing fashionable market by helping to raise awareness of the industry and the life struggles of emerging designers,” Currie said.

Many companies have tried to revolutionize the fashion industry before. However, there’s not too many elite brands that firmly pushed for the eco fashion style. The closest thing that eco warriors had was the Indigo Green Collection that was launched by M&S Women in January 2011. The products under this clothing line were made from either organic or Fairtrade cotton to keep each dress look brand new despite years of usage.

Sponsor Me Awards organizers do not only hope for cooperation from more five-star brands. They are more eager to make people realize that they’d still look presentable by just wearing clothes that are stuffed with organic materials.

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