iBallz how to attach

Protect Your Tech: iBallz Case

I just found the neatest tech accessory! It's a new case that is more like an airbag for your tablet. Does this happen to you? Sometimes when I am using my iPad, I'll lay it on a table. Then suddenly, and without warning, a liquid will decide that it has spent enough time living … [Read More...]

Organic Skin Care

Dr Bronner Magic Soap

My Eco Beauty Booty: Magic Soap

It’s Monday! And that means it’s time for my Eco Beauty Booty! These are the skin care products that I use to keep my skin soft and protect it from harmful chemicals at the same time. I started looking for all natural products to tame my battle with excema; I’ve had this skin condition since […]

Healthy Food

chocolate flower

Chocolate Pinterest Party

One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is my Chocolate Delights board. That’s because I love chocolate! Feel free to hover over the picture to repin. Sources are below. I always say that chocolate is good for you because chocolate makes you happy and when you are happy you laugh! And that makes you burn […]

Eco Tech


Who Says You Can Drive Far with an Eco Car?

Although there are some eco-friendly cars that can only survive during a typical commute, there are others that can get you a bit farther if you are willing to use a little gas. “C-MAX Energi is America’s most efficient utility vehicle, a great symbol of how Ford gives customers the power to choose leading fuel-efficiency […]

Eco Designers

cute organic bra

Cute Organic Underwear

Sometimes I just want to scream! Why can’t I find cute organic underwear? Every pair that I’ve seen so far is either styled for a granny, with a big saggy bum, or in the color of puke. I mean, who want’s to wear puke underwear? Not me. So I decided to try to find organic […]