The Tribal Prints- Be Ready for a Chic Look

The tribal prints are the current fashion phenomena and what works the best is they are versatile and represents the individual personalities. Origin of Aztec Prints The Aztec prints are also called as king of tribal prints because they are both adaptable and flexible. These … [Read More...]

Organic Skin Care

My Eco Beauty Booty: Radiance Day Lotion

It’s Monday! And that means it’s time for my Eco Beauty Booty! These are the skin care products that I use to keep my skin soft and protect it from harmful chemicals at the same time. I started looking for all natural products to tame my battle with excema; I’ve had this skin condition since […]

Healthy Food

Chocolate Pinterest Party

One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is my Chocolate Delights board. That’s because I love chocolate! Feel free to hover over the picture to repin. Sources are below. I always say that chocolate is good for you because chocolate makes you happy and when you are happy you laugh! And that makes you burn […]

Eco Tech

ColcaSac: Natural Case Product Review and Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for new all natural products. Ever since I decided to go organic in 2011, I’ve realized how easy it is to live a more eco-friendly life. There are several options to choose from when you are looking for organic clothing, shoes or accessories.   I recently received the ColcaSac […]

Eco Designers

Cute Organic Underwear

Sometimes I just want to scream! Why can’t I find cute organic underwear? Every pair that I’ve seen so far is either styled for a granny, with a big saggy bum, or in the color of puke. I mean, who want’s to wear puke underwear? Not me. So I decided to try to find organic […]