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Quick Gift Idea for the Gadget Guy

What do you get the guy who has everything? That's a good question. Sometimes it can be hard to buy for a friend that already has the ability to buy whatever they want. The easiest thing to do in this case is to buy something that can be an add-on to an item that they already … [Read More...]

Organic Skin Care

diy makeup remover

DIY Organic Makeup Remover

Whether you’re living an organic, eco-friendly lifestyle or you want to cut costs in your makeup routine, creating your own makeup remover is a fantastic solution! Using organic items you probably already have in your kitchen, you can create an environmentally friendly makeup remover that’s totally chemical free. Next time you’re taking off your makeup, […]

Healthy Food

chocolate flower

Chocolate Pinterest Party

One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is my Chocolate Delights board. That’s because I love chocolate! Feel free to hover over the picture to repin. Sources are below. I always say that chocolate is good for you because chocolate makes you happy and when you are happy you laugh! And that makes you burn […]

Eco Tech


Who Says You Can Drive Far with an Eco Car?

Although there are some eco-friendly cars that can only survive during a typical commute, there are others that can get you a bit farther if you are willing to use a little gas. “C-MAX Energi is America’s most efficient utility vehicle, a great symbol of how Ford gives customers the power to choose leading fuel-efficiency […]

Eco Designers

cute organic bra

Cute Organic Underwear

Sometimes I just want to scream! Why can’t I find cute organic underwear? Every pair that I’ve seen so far is either styled for a granny, with a big saggy bum, or in the color of puke. I mean, who want’s to wear puke underwear? Not me. So I decided to try to find organic […]